I Am From

April 21, 2010
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I am from where moms care too much
I am from a place where the world is changing into great accomplishments,
Even new inventions
I am from a place where I have a family who cares about me and supports me
I am from growing up in America and feeling free, and just letting go of fears
I am from my Uncle’s porch in Bridgehampton listening to the porch squeak
And hearing the dogs snore right beside me, just sitting there until dusk
I am from counting the stars, as if they were filled with happiness
Looking up and wondering why I am here?
I am from the country where dogs lick my face every time I am down
I am from a family
Who says, “Be courteous to elder people!”
I am from a family who always says, “Hi.”
I am from a place where everything seems so grand and beautiful.
But it’s not!
I am from a place where I call this home with good and bad realities.
I am from a place, which is dark and unsafe
I am from a place where morning turn into nights without food, starving, being treated as a nobody
No one feels the homeless suffering like I do
I am from a place where killing is not okay
This city isn’t safe, killing
I am from a place where abortion is okay
Is it?
I am from a place where teenagers start to mug people
I am from friends that drink and smoke
Gasping for more
I am from a place where hiding under your covers isn’t safe because of what may happen
To you while under the covers
I am from a place of betrayal
I am from a place where crying isn’t okay
Trying to tell people my feelings but can’t, I feel like an outsider.
To me this doesn’t seem fair, I feel self-conscious with no one to rescue me from the danger…no one can.
I am from a place where reality isn’t a dream!
Where are you from?

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Juless said...
Sept. 22, 2010 at 6:34 pm
amazing- it really shows but the reality brings!!!! great job keep it up
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