As the Hours Passed

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(Interpretation of what the two Australian miners felt as
they were trapped in collapsed mine.)

It was dark.
I was cold.

I was going to die.

Nothing seemed to really matter anymore,
Because I knew I would never get out alive,
I knew I would never see my family again,
I would never see the light of day

As the hours passed
We found ourselves dangling to life by a loose thread
That could snap at any moment
And plunge us into eternal darkness.

During the first few days, I didn’t worry.

After all there was time,
There was plenty of time.
They would find us.

It never dawned on me to question who ‘they’ were,
It never really seemed to matter to me
Until it was too late

We knew that we could never reach that far
Far above 3,000 feet of collapsed brick
To reach those who might have a chance
To help us,
To save us

I don’t remember how we got in
Nor can I remember how we got out

But, I can remember every day with clear detail
Because I am still alive
And Knight, Knight is dead

Help was coming
Or maybe it already came
I wouldn’t know
All I knew was that there was
A few more hours to pass

And the light of tomorrow
Seems to be the light of yesterday
While today, the day in question
Puts us in the dark

14 days under ground-
14 days and still breathing

I lost count after fifteen.

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SMWells said...
Nov. 15, 2010 at 10:10 am
Whayever gave you an intrest in trying to discribe this? You did it very well.
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