Every Second

April 21, 2010
By , Kyle, TX
Every second that passes every tear that falls I think of you
I think of every moment I said I love you too.
Every moment you held me in your arms.
Every moment we shared under the stars.
Every second that passes my heart breaks thinking of how it’s too late.
Never again will I feel your arms embracing me.
Never again will I be the only one that you see.
I loved you once but now we’re through.
Never again will it be me and you.
Every second that passes I try to forget what used to be.
To finally be able to set you free.
Live your life never thinking of me.
Live your life being everything you want to be
Live your life with the love of another.
And never remember how we loved each other.
Every second that passes our lives go on; a love that burned so bright is somehow gone.
Forever you will remain in my heart.
No matter what happens we’ll never be truly apart.
Forever I know; you’ll be a part of me.
I promise never to forget all that we used to be.
Forever I will remember the day I walked away
The day I spoke the words I thought I’d never say.
Every second that passes every tear that falls I think of you.

To: A love that will never return….

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