True Identity

October 12, 2007
By Zack Hartzman, New City, NY

Your true identity is something that only you know
Because no one will let other people see who they truly are
You see someone cool and you want to act just like them
While they might want to be just like you
Groups of friends always being exactly alike
So few individuals
So few people showing their true identity

Your True identity is something that is only found at home
Where you don’t care what people think of you
Where there is no one to judge who you really are
Where there is family to support you
Most people don’t mind what there parents or siblings think of them
As long as their identity stays at home and away from others
As long as no one at school knows their true identity

Your true identity is nothing to be ashamed of
Let people think differently of you
Make friends who are similar to you
Not the kinds who are all like clones
Take a stand and show the truth
Start to make a difference
Just tell people “This is my true identity.”

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