The Last Letter

April 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear Love,
Once again, I'm sending a letter.
It's too hard to talk,
So writing works better.
This may not make a lot of sense
But try your best to understand,
That I need to go on with life
Without you holding my hand.
You really mean a lot to me,
Yet I think it's time to move on.
I wanted to tell you this in person,
Yet sadly, I'm not that strong.
I know I'll always love you,
But the passion has fallen apart.
I enjoyed all the time we had,
You'll forever have a place in my heart.
I'll always smile when I think of you
I'm going to miss your affections,
Yet I still believe it's time to part
We're heading in different directions.
It's hard for me to walk away,
But it's something I have to do.
I'm sorry that it's now too late,
For me to be with you.
So set me free and move on with your life,
One day someone will fill my place.
Our hurt will heal, our hearts will mend,
And memories will fill that space.
I wish for you only the best,
And hope all goes well.
Promise me you'll follow your heart,
Sincerely, With Love, Janell

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