April 21, 2010
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Cried out from the depth of silence
surrounded by emptiness once again
The screams echo of the ceiling
Enclosing me in my shame.

The stillness of my soul
Awakes him from his sleep
Only to find darkness in my being and emptiness in the tears I weep.

strategic words of innocense,

of anger and of shame
Won't release me from this love sick game.

The memories burn so deep and engraves ever present in my mind
I search for love everlasting
a love I cannot find.

Those eager cries in silence will never turn me away
wounds my heart so deeply my spirit refuses to stay

Depression had taken over me
From begginging to the end
Those roads left un atteneded those that I refuse to mend.

What more precious than innocence..

Once its lost...

He took that from me...

Now i'm ruined and broken for eternity.

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