April 21, 2010
As a new year was coming, I was half and half about the new school year. I could not wait to see my friends again after a long summer. I really did not mind getting up early; in fact, I was a morning bird. The part that I did not like the most was the homework. Just thinking about it gave my nightmares especially about English homework. I heard rumors about having to give five speeches, read a thick book, and on top of all it, write papers and fix grammar. I was not a fan of it.
Walking into class, on the first day, there was a vibe. Not a bad vibe but a good one. I was confused on what was going on. As soon as I sat down, I took a look around the room. I noticed the whole room was filled with girls. I was looking around, trying to find Mrs.Whitehaus, but she was no where to be found. But then, this short woman popped out near her desk. With a lot of energy, she greeted the class. Right there, I knew this year was not going to be like last year.
Mrs.Whitehaus helped me with English and some other friend and boy drama in my life. She was not only a teacher to me, but she was also a friend. She was some one I could trust. She turned me from someone who never opened books, to someone reading a lot of great novels. She took me from freaking out about giving a speech, now being able to do in with out breaking a sweat. Mrs. Whitehaus has turned me into being the shy girl in class to the outgoing one.
I showed my poem to Mrs. Whitehaus. As she was reading it, she said I had a gift for something. She asked where I came up with this sad poems and I told her. She told me to write about it in a creative way. So I do. When I am having a bad day, I know I can go to her for anything.
On the last day of class with Mr. Whitehaus, I was happy summer was here. But on the other hand, I knew next year I could not have her as a teacher. Mrs. Whitehaus told me, I could come back anytime and see her, or I could always e-mail her anything. Mrs. Whitehaus was not only my English teacher, she was also a supportive friend and mentor. And inspired me to read books and write more on my own. I am now proud to say I love English.

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