A True Friend

April 26, 2010
Life throws at you
chances to make friends,
who is true who is fake,
some clues life sends.

Clues come during your fall.
Some friends have smiles of glee.
True friends pick you up
and one-bye-one the doubts flee.

Number of times we've heard it,
that few stay during a bumpy ride.
When present fun and frolic,
crowds gather at your side.

The capacity to recognize them,
during the right time is seldom seen.
In the hour of despair and agony,
a true friend finds us by some mean.

Beware! Don't let them go.
Never break these ties.
Ensure in their bad times,
On your shoulder the true friend cries.

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gossipgal#1 said...
May 15, 2010 at 9:38 am

truer words wr nevr spoken......!!!

u go gal!!

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