anger towards a sub

April 25, 2010
you say we are your most disrespectful class,
but you lost our respect the very first day.
i will now tell you our side of the story, and it might be more accurate, if i may.

Now we know your job must be very stressful and meticuluos,
but the way you handled yourself was immature and rediculous

that was when you lost our respect.

you would not listen to what we said,

"stop asking stupid questions", your voice was cold and dead.

you snapped and you spat and overreacted,

hoping your visious words had somehow impacted,

the way we behaved,

but you were still wrong,
we were becoming more and more agitated as the week grew along.

now we hardly recomend you teach at all.

you fought fire with fire and were angered when you failed,
but with fire and fire you still provailed

it must be hard to hear from your worst class of the day,

that WE were disappointed inthe way YOU behaved

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