The Currents

April 25, 2010
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A small boat went down a river
Until it parted in two ways,
One path was coated by night
The other was lit by day,

Now, this boat was unfortunate
As it only possessed one sail,
And as it tried to reach the light
It found it was at mercy of the gale,

The boat was plunged into darkness
Without the source of a light,
The boat still wonders now
What would have happened if it was given sight,

For this path contained two currents
Both equally as strong,
Both trying to persuade the boat
It was with them that it belonged,

One offered it freedom
And a chance of defiance,
The other guaranteed comfort
Promising it some guidance,

The currents tugged at the boat
Forcing it now to chose,
But as the boat tried to make a decision
It knew it would always lose,

But the boat could not decide
For it liked both of the choices,
And as it tried to explain
It was drowned out by the current’s noises,

And so the boat chose freedom
For it only wanted a way out,
But as it began to follow the current
Comfort began to shout,

Comfort gripped onto the boat
Tearing its boards apart,
The boat realized it was stuck-
There was no way for it to depart,

So the boat threw down its anchor
Rooting it to one place,
While the currents fought on
Wanting to submerge with the winning face,

The boat didn’t like the current’s squabble
Nevertheless it took all of the blows,
For the boat separated the two
Enduring the punches and throws,

The boat still sits between the currents
Its anchor on the ground,
It tries to cry out for help
But there’s no one yet around,

And as the boat waits
It curses at the gale,
Whose careless and thoughtless whim
Set it up only as to fail.

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