A Sestina in the Rain

October 10, 2007
By Abby Teinert, Wichita, KS

What would life be like without rain?
No children splashing,
Sloshing into their homes, wet,
Without the dreary clouds.
And drops of rain slowly dripping,
From your plain black umbrella.

Your support and protection is the umbrella.
It’s like never-ending rain,
The pounding and dripping,
Continues as you’re splashing
Through the puddles, staring at the clouds.
Your slick rainbow boots, completely wet.

Everything seems to be wet,
As you stand under the umbrella.
The clouds
Creating soft sprinkles of rain.
All of the noisy cars splashing
Past the rooftops filled with rain gradually dripping.

As the dripping
Never seems to end, everything is soaking wet.
Dogs passing by prance through the puddles, always splashing.
The umbrella
Stands still, in the rain,
Looking at the swiftly moving clouds.

Quickly, the clouds
Seem to run by, passing by the dripping
Of the rain.
The wet
Protects you from the rain, always splashing.

The automobiles splashing
You as you wander down the sidewalk. The clouds
Laughing from beyond your drenched umbrella.
The dripping
Slowly coming to a halt, in the now wet
Environment surrounding you, with, now, no rain.

Quietly the rain stops, along with the splashing.
All is wet, underneath the clouds.
The fabric is dripping wet, on your sturdy umbrella.

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