October 9, 2007
By Kaitlyn D., Andover, KS

Me, myself and I anxiously await to begin dancing.
moving smooth and gracefully,
through the first eight count I,
arabesqued in the center of the stage.
I listen for the quiet music,
briefly pausing to look into the audience.

Members of the audience
stare in awe of my beautiful dancing.
With each position, I flow with the music
My stage is quiet,
all I-

Can hear is the heavy breathing that I
let pour out. the audience
members whisper. The stage
feels larger than it appeared before, it attempts to consume my, but I keep dancing.
Trying to chaine gracefully
was difficult. The now quickened music
is easier than the slow music.

Smile gracefully.
The audience
continues to gaze, and my dancing
improves. I smirked at the other half of the stage.

“You can’t stop me!” screamed the stage.
I slipped from the roar of the music,
Catching myself from falling all the way down. I continue my dancing.
“This is the home stretch,” I
murmured to myself. I glanced at the audience
as they lose interest in me. I stepped back gracefully.

Leaping in the air as gracefully
as I could, I landed softly on the stage.
I glimpse into the audience,
for the last time. “I have their full attention,” I thought. My heart beat with the music.
striving to perform the best I
pushed myself to dance to the greatest length of my dancing

ability. My dancing was amazing. I piqued gracefully.
I landed in my ending pose in the center of the stage.
All I could hear was the fading music and the applauding of the audience.

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