fill their sails

April 22, 2010
Fill their sails

So how can you change your life? (In a good way)
Let alone change lives of other victims,
Or unchangeable targets at that… (Ungrateful folk)

Can you “lend” that dirty hobo fifty cents?
To buy something he doesn’t need

Or wake up uneasily yet optimistically
To attend a charitable organization meeting
To boost your karma by the likes of your peers

So how can you change your life?

Jump into that stranger’s car of “hope for the hopeless,”
(Metaphorically speaking)
Where most fear to tremble
And alter the basis of reality for someone…
Who is disabled at the waist of “self improvement”

BE the hand that lifts them from the dark
BE the reason that makes them hold their chin up high
Be their game plan which reads: “go out swinging”

Inevitably give someone else a debt to repay to you, which can never
Be fulfilled due to the vast greatness of your generosity

So how can you change your life?

Start by changing others.

Blow like the wind into the sails
Of the helpless,
The hopeless,
And the deserving

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