I'll Enjoy the View

October 9, 2007
By Seth Sizemore, Lexington, KY

Turns out she was just something else for me to get high on
Just like every other infinite appearance
She is gone
And my wings carry me away, into the sun
In search of some new angel
Some new feeling that I can view beauty through
Some say these tapestries won't last
I say, in this world, beauty wasn't meant to last
This creates an adventure out of life
This reveals death as a sigh of satisfaction
I'll keep breathing and I'll keep searching
Until my quest puts my heart to rest and sets my soul free
I'll keep living until I meet a pair of wings
Maybe one day the sun will rise
And I will open my eyes, and in the light I will see
I will discover a love that knows no boundaries
Every day I wonder if this exists
My hopes are not high, but my dreams will carry me to wherever reality refuses to allow
And if this pair of wings is not found
If I don't wake up in the light and see love
I will still fade with a smile
I will still pass on with visions in my sight, of memories, of all the times beauty was given to my eyes
If I die, trade your sorrow for a smile
And know that with love I flow into the sky
The horizon has finally ended
Until then I'll stay, and enjoy the view while it lasts

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