I wish I could approach you

October 9, 2007
By Leona Reyna, Spring Valley, CA

I wish I could approach you

and tell you how I feel

to come clean about it all

but it would be unreal.

I wish that you could understand

that this isn't just some game

if you'd look down deep inside

I know you'd feel the same.

I wish you wouldn't flirt around

see it kills me deep inside

if only you shared these feelings

which I so deeply hide.

I wish you'd give up on that girl

and see im the one for you

I wanna show you im better than her

but I dont know what to do.

I wish I wasn't so unsure

and confined by nervous chains

the constant butterflies in my stomach

are driving me insane.

I wish that you would realize

I want to be more than just a friend

I'm tired of just waiting

this heartache just won't end.

I wish to one day hold your hand

to walk barefoot on the beach

watching the sunset in my arms

it's all a dream that I won't reach.

I wish that you would take my hand

and look deep inside my eyes

feel my true compassion

and see my heart tells you no lies.

I wish you'd give me just one chance

to prove im different see

I know I make you smile

so maybe we can one day be

I wish you'd understand this lonliness

this frustration you just can't comprehend

I dont want to risk the friendship we have

so I guess your friend is where I end.

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