My Warm Wind- This is the Place

October 9, 2007
You are big.
A warm dark cavern
ready to spring forth with life
upon a single stroke.

The soft air inside you
is teeming with vigor, waiting to wake
from the darkness.
A gentle wind blows through you,
and resonates with the walls.

Everyone needs that wind.
It cuts through the mustiness
to bring fresh air,
revitalizing the soul.
Take a deep breath,
For it may be

Rainy today, and worse tomorrow,
more dark clouds follow.
They loom above,

You are big.
Just big enough to hide in,
and only me.
But what of the others?

One can only hope that they, too,
have caves that, when the wind howls,
it sifts through soft air and sounds
sweet as music in the warm summer rain

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