Fake Memories

October 9, 2007
By Mandy Davis, Bradenton, FL

You took me when you were drunk,
you pushed me away when you were sober.
My mind is full of lies, and my heart sunk
as tragically as the titanic. Over
and over again I play
everything in my head.
What you would say,
was the complete opposite of what you said
to my heart.
Claiming it was my choice,
meaning I knew from the start
that you are but a whore. I tried to voice
my opinion, but it was ignored.
To you love wasn’t a feeling.
I love your poetry, it should be stored
in a frame. Kneeling
down on your knees,
is how I want you, and I that’s what I meant.
You would ask, please
give me a massage. You were going to vent
all your sexual tension
on me.
Not to mention
you wanted me to be
married to you.
I knew it was a lie,
I mean that’s all you do.
Hearing anything about you now, makes me want to die.

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