What would have happened without you

October 9, 2007
By Mandy Davis, Bradenton, FL

A crack whore
who has no clue what’s in store.
A stoner,
without his green he’s but a loner.
A child scared to death,
contemplating crystal meth.
Parents who have no clue,
no one knows what to do.
Drugs used to never be on her mind,
but when things started happening questions lined
her conscious. Lies consumed her life.
The passion of wanting and needing to be a wife
slowly slipped away. Nothing was real.
She never learned how to deal
with false love.
There was nothing above
her, no heaven. She had no where to hide in her heart.
She played her life looking for the restart
button, but it was never found. Before long, she was done
with living. She wanted a gun,
but only found a razor.
It was the only thing to help her.
Her one and only drug that would help numb
her heart. Her biggest secret, scared of being labeled dumb.
Day after day, the number would increase.
Pain would never cease
to amaze her. Seeing as though
that’s all she ever knew. She grew to be her own worst foe.
Second guessing her ever move, killing herself slowly.
She was lying so lowly
in her own puddle of blood.
The rhythmic thud
of her heart growing weaker.
Her future looking bleaker.
Killing herself inside,
no where to reside.
Claiming this to be her last,
she said she would cut real fast,
and never again.
One lead to ten,
ten lead to more.
She knew what was in store,
and her heart was screaming.
Her eyes beaming
white, her face a frozen pale.
One less hole at the cemetery for sale.

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