October 9, 2007
One day I was skiing with my brother and my friend Sam.
I wanted to go off the biggest jump in the park.
They told me not to, so of course I did anyway.
I started to go, I went way too

I tried to stop but wait, I was in the air,
A look of astonishment on my face as I go


And up

And up.
I lean forward
And do the biggest “superman” ever by accident.

And then


And down
I went, still leaning forward.

I said to myself, “Oh no, this is not good!”
And, splat, I hit with a thump and a crash.
The tips of my skis dug into the ground.
I came out and slid down the landing,
Snow was going up into my face
As if I was the blade of a snowplow.

I got up and put my skis on
While my brother and Sam were laughing like hyenas.
I started down the hill,
Then my brother tried doing a 180 and landed it,
But went backwards for too long and fell down a gully.
He went 100 feet down in a foot of powder,
And I was then the one laughing!

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