October 9, 2007
I come in with my mask,
My mask I wear.
I come in with my act,
How I act out there.
Then the candle is passed,
The smoke dances around.
And my mask melts,
And drops to the ground.
My script burns before my eyes,
And I forget the tears, the loss, the lies.
I come in with my mask.
My mask sheilds my own face.
I'm free of my mask
In this wonderous place.
I live in a lie,
I live in a show.
I see the script,
The words that I know.
I burn the script,
And I start anew.
My soul was hidden,
And the words were, too.
True words come not from the mind,
But from the soul and heart.
So now I burn my mask,
And I try to restart.
When I leave, I'll hide again what I feel,
But in this place, I know... I'm real.

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