I am the savior of pain and the thief of life.

April 16, 2010
Memories fading with the baby blue sky
Darkness descending upon the land,
I see it all as I sit so very high,
watching the waves wash away the sand.

I wait for night to come.
I wait for this moment, to take the lucky ones.
Life is what I save them from.
Stealing the quivering breath, from their lungs.

I leave the loved ones to mourn my savings,
releasing the no-longer suffering soul,
saving them from the sizzling zest pool, at which they were bathing,
no longer living in a world, tainted by coal.

Saving them from the illness,
the shattered bones and severed tissue,
the broken hearts, that make an eerie stillness,
to the unloved hearts, that aren't the issue.

For I am the savior of pain
and the thief of life.
I am the one they call insane.
I am the one, who takes a husband from a wife.

I can do anything I want to,
but I don't without a reason,
To take the loved ones away from you
like picking a fruit, that is not yet in season.

So I watch..
And I wait..
For that little twist and turn of fate,
so then I come,
to give the lucky ones
their chance of freedom.

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