Love to be found

April 16, 2010
'In moonlight shining forth,
comeing from the north.
Look and and thy shall see,
their lovers gaze upon the.'
An old woman once told me
I listen to believe me
I listened with all my heart
and that is an art
to be able to wait
to be able to hope that your lover won't be to late
when I was covered in silk
he was looking down at me from the clouds of milk
smiling at my closed lids
most would think he would bid
me farewell
but that is not so, because I had just pass a brick wall
that kept him and I apart
Now we are together again standing nice and tall
side by side with love to last the ages
because we are now immortal
then just think
If what some old lady said to me
is true
then look up towards the shy to find your one and only

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