Thinking of You

April 16, 2010
No matter what you say,

or what you do,

I'll run away with you,

Never looking back on,

What live done.

I would give anything to see youstrive,

as long as we could take a drive,

Just to to say,

"What a wonderful day!"

For a teenage couple,

Those that don't last more then a week,

I hoped that wouldn't be us,

Because if I had to sit on the bus,

I'd be thinking of you.

I don't know if I could make it,

but I had hope even if a little bit,

I knew that if I died,

Before you did,

I'lll go to heaven ,

and wait for you.

I'll give the angels' back,

their wings,

till my love,

Joins me.

I would like to think that you see me,

the way I saw you,

but I guess I was wrong,

Like most teenagers are

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