October 9, 2007
Give up. Give in.
Stop trying, stop lying, stop trying to stop it.
'Cause you can't silence a baby's cry by telling it
There's nothing to cry about.
So, Prove it.
With death at every corner,
And tricks up every sleeve;
Smirks behind every smile.
Can we live it down?
You can't stop a hurricane,
Or slow down a tornado,
And you can't tell me it's okay, when I know;
It's not.
So prove it.
You tell me there's a better way
And of course, I agree.
Tell the people out there fighting that,
But they won't believe
That we know
Better than them,
Better than us, than all.
We know nothing but the past,
And even now we don't know much,
Because we keep on making the exact same mistakes
And again, over and over.
Give up. Give in.
No way will I leave the world in this condition.
Gotta fix it, gotta try.
I can't save the world, not by myself,
And maybe it's impossable to do.
Is that gonna stop you?
Let's save the world.

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