October 9, 2007
By Jacob Nicholson, Carson City, NV

I speak what’s on my mind and here’s what I say
We got too many people conformin’ today
`The media imposes on us the perfect “us”
Tells us what to wear and who we should trust
I’ll give you the rundown of who you should be
I’ll tell you who the media wants you to be
If you’re a Mexican or have Spanish decent
You should go eat a taco and not celebrate Lent
If you wanna be a lawyer, well that’s too bad
That’s not the idea that the media had
Now if you are black that’s a whole different story
You have to live in the hood with your childhood, gory
Trailer trash, bad job, and destitute mom
And we all have generic names like Joe and Tom
That’s the media’s perception of us lighter skinned
A poster of our stereotype on the wall has been pinned
Now for all of those races that I didn’t cover
Our individuality is becoming too smothered.
So for all of you people straying from the norm,
Thank you for curing society’s snore
In previous years, the nation as a whole
Wouldn’t let the media purchase their soul
The mainstream has become so widespread
The media has made self-expression

Now I don’t mean to stereotype
But I want you just to ignore the hype
You don’t have to be like everyone else
Live your own life and speak for yourself
So be your own person, not the media’s drone
Write your sorrows in the sand and your blessings on stone
If you sell your soul to the media geeks
Just to fit in with all of those “normal” freaks
Just remember one thing and remember it well
Your life may become a media hell

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