Just For Me

October 9, 2007
I can still feel
The icy frost
Crunching beneath our bodies
Your warm arms pushing me over
As we fell together
In that widespread blanket of white

I can still smell
The Nestle hot chocolate your mom made
And the chilly wind blowing through
The naked trees
Making my cheeks turn rosy red

I can still see
The wicked faces of the kids who
Pushed me in the snow, laughing horribly,
And ran away
But you didn’t
You fell with me

I can still hear
The laughter and groans
Of happiness and pain
Echoing through the neighborhood
Who knew being pushed in the
Snow could be so much fun?

I can still taste
The frosty snow on my lips
When I kissed the white flakes
In my gloves
You helped me stand as I blew
The flakes in your soft hair

You laughed
I ran away, smiling
While you chased after me

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