"Days Without"

October 9, 2007
By Cassandra Chalmers, Greenville, OH

You have that affect on me.
With your eyes you’ve captured me.
Sunny skies seem to go gray
And I can’t seem to smile when you walk away.

The days are so cloudy, without you here.
All I want is to hold you near.
When you’re gone the day fades to night.
I need you here to fill my skies with light.

The phone rings and I jump.
I see your name and almost fall trying to pick it up.
Hearing your voice has made me smile,
Even if it’s been just for a little while.

My days are so cloudy, without you here.
All I want now is to hold you near.
When you’re gone my days are as dark as night.
I need you here to be my guiding light.

Lying sleepless on my bed.
Having nothing but my sheepy sheet to cover up my head.
I’m feeling so cold without you here.
I need your warmth.
Being alone is all I fear.

My nights are so dark. My days are so gray
But, baby, I can’t stand it when you walk away.
I’m filled with the deepest sadness in my soul,
When you leave me standing here, all alone.

I want your days to be sunny, with me there.
All we need now is a time to be near.
Together we’ll watch the day fade to night
And awaken together in the mourning light.

Our days will continue to be cloudy, without either of us near.
Letting go is all I fear.
Afraid of time as day turn to night.
Afraid we won’t be together when the sun begins to rise.

When you’re here holding me in your arms,
All I can see is the roaming stars
That sparkles at me in your eyes
That fills up my darkened skies.

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