I still love you

October 8, 2007
By bria villanueva, Mcallen, TX

Its hard to see you laugh with her,
its hard to wonder if your thinking of me....
And knowing the truth.
Which is that your not.
Its hard for me to think about the memories....
But its so hard for them to leave.
It hard to look at you and know...that your not mine.
Its easy for you to forget me....
Something I could never do.
Its hard to hang up with out saying I love you.
Its hard to know your happier with her....
And that you will never return to me.
Its hard to smile and say im happy for you....
Because Im just Tring not to cry.

I hate thinking about what you two talk about.
I hate knowing that you have moved on.
I hate feeling unloved and un wanted,
I hate realizing everyday we don’t talk.....that your over me.

I wish you loved me as much as I love you.
I wish their was no “other” girl....
That there was just me and you.
I wish I could kiss you again....
But your kissing her.
I wish I could see your smile....
But your smiling with her.
I wish I hated you....
But I love you.
I wish we never met....
But I would never smile again if that came true.
I wish we could laugh together again....
But now your making her laugh.
I wish I was your everything....
But I am your nothing.

I know I don’t mean anything to you like I used to.
But I still want you.
I know you don’t care about me.
But I do you.
I know you don’t love me like you used to.
I wish I didn’t too.
But I do....

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