By miracle, blind men once saw

October 8, 2007
By Chelsea Cohen, Temecula, CA

By miracle, blind men once saw
Where the seeing are all now blind
And brothers’ blood paints the land
In Paradise’s desert sand

And through the storms
A child calls
But her God has no answer
Because the power
She prays to for victory
Is the same force
Guiding her enemy

And a child know of enemy
Or taught the hate
Of those before her?

Decedents of Canaan
Children of Zion
Brothers be your name
Excuse your self of arms and rage
And take a look at the wars you wage

How adversary lies
Post mortem arm in arm
And it matters not
It matters not!

How the world divides
Into two sides
Splitting the Cross, Crescent, and Star

By miracle?
By God, how far
For the Cross, Crescent, and Star…

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