October 8, 2007
By Kaitlyn Manley, Loveland, OH

Dreamland's slipping closer,
But the sun's fading away.
I don't want the light to disappear,
Don't want to lose the shining day.
Darkness creeping under me,
And only black above in the sky.
It strangles, threatens, scares me.
Right out of my mind.
I grasp onto the sunshine,
But it's like trying to grab a cloud or star.
You might think it's in reach,
But it's always just too far.
And I can't hold on much longer,
Before I must let go.
I'll drift away, I'll fly.
Still, I know...
Before I land, before I fly,
I'll fall right out of that black sky.
I'll scream and shout,
And let it all out,
But no one'll hear me
In the black of nighttime,here.
No longer just approaching,
No longer threatening near.
I'm falling out of place,
I have no place to be,
And without light
I cannot see.
I breathe in and out and softly close my eyes,
I guess I can sleep now; the sun will rise,

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