Beautifully Broken

October 8, 2007
I thought we were real,
I thought we would last,
I loved you so much,
But you put me in the past,

I wanted you,
But you were trapped inside a selfish world,
Where nothing went right,
There wasn't enough room for me and all your other girls,

Me & You could never truly be,
Even though I tell myself everyday that you do need me,

I look back,
To everything you've said,
All those broken promises and worn out dreams,
Circling around in my head,

How can I look in the mirror and try to love again?
How can I face my mother, how can I face my friends?

You destroyed me,
Breaking me down,
I'm falling, going under,
And all I wanted was for you to be around,

I'm suffocating,
It feels as if I cannot breathe,
And here I am begging and pleading,
For you to love me,

I just need to let you go,
I can't let this get the best of me,
I just need to say goodbye,
To something that will never be...

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