That day you left so suddenly

October 8, 2007
By Elizabeth Arend, Wyomissing, PA

That day you left so suddenly
I never had the chance to say goodbye
Now your not here, this doesn't feel right
It's not fair, you're too young to die

Now that your not here
We are left with questions that seem unclear
You got into that car and never knew
What would happen next, would seem untrue

I don't understand why one day
You can have so much taken away
Your an angel now, unfold your wings
Show the Lord what your smile brings
I know God is enjoying your grace
While we remember your joy filled face
You have taught me to live each and every day
To understand that it's all in Gods way

And now your gone and in Gods hands
And he felt it was your time
It's all a part of some big plan
Now its your turn to shine
Even though you moved on to a better place
There's no one who can compare, no one to take your place

We took each day for granted
Every second you were here
We took your grace for granted
And we miss you with every tear

We try not to be bitter, to hold on and be strong
Because in heaven we'll see you
It won't be that long
We won't forget you now that you've gone away
Because in our heart we know that we'll see you someday.

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