October 8, 2007
Wasted dreams.
Spent long ago, when you said I shouldn't try.
Hopes flew away.
And I gave up on my heart, couldn't cry.
Tables turned.
And life went on the same as before.
No one knew
That my life had changed, for
The better or worse
I'll never know.
When dreams are tied up,
They'll never grow.
Wasted dreams.
When I closed my eyes and wished on a star at night,
And you laughed at my attempts, and at my fright,
When my wish didn't come true.
You told me you alays knew.
That wishing was a lie,
And you shattered my dreams
With a hammer of truth...
So I fell.
Wasted dreams
That I never tried for,
I always cried for.
Wishes made on a star,
In my backyard.
Fallen words
Crushed it all.
Then I jumped off of reality.
I'll risk it all...
For the dreams I let fall
To waste.

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