Tell me, tell me

October 8, 2007
Tell me, tell me
You don’t lie
Pull back the string
Let arrow fly
You hit the target in my heart

Stars of black, clouds of blue
Good intensions, all of them lost
Purple doubts set in your thoughts
My green leaf hope is not hard to find
Avoiding me, you pass it by
All wrong in your heart and sick in your mind
You let me know with that fake mistake
My glowing hope was painted black
Thoughts shooting down into a darker world
One with problems and the insane
The happy chemical in my brain
Was slowly going out

And no, you didn’t stop with the mistake
You bit my heart with drugged up words
Don’t talk to me when you’re in that state
Time passes and you become more aware
In loneliness, you crawl to my feat
Asking forgiveness, while sobbing despair
So selfish are you, to want to be friends
I know how you work, I know what you’ll do
But you wont give up and I know it too

In the end, it becomes too much
Go back to your hole, you don’t need my trust!
What happened, happened, nothing can change
What’s done is done, we’re just not the same
I’ve chose the way I want to go
Please keep away and leave me alone.

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