Her mother lied

April 18, 2010
By , ann arbor, MI
The phone rings
Her mother has died
The words echo through her mind
It can’t be she thinks
Just some cruel joke
They’ll tell her any second
You’ve been pranked
She waits but deep inside she knows
Her mother never coming back
The tears she held inside start to flow
She needs a shoulder to cry on
But no one is there
No father to hold her and say we have to move on
No one to tell her it’ll be okay
The only family she had is gone
She falls to her knees and cries
She lets her emotions overpower her
She cries for listening to her mother lies
The mother who always said she’d be there
When all her tears have dried
She stands her decision is made
She walks out of her 5 story building
Heading straight for the roof
She leans over the edge and looks down
She holds her breath and jumps over
Her thoughts are far away as she gets closer to the ground
Her whole life passes through her eyes
She smiles as she meets her death
She ready to confront her mother for telling her lies

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