The Blind Side

April 18, 2010
The young girl walked further down the creaky hallways. . .the door that holds the bright light opened more and more as she came closer and closer

The 13 year old girl was naive, not seeing the sadness that would be thrust upon her as she contiuend down the hall. . .

The smirks the monster gave to her as she came closer and closer to the door. Finally she reached out slowly but carefully turned the knob. The bright light engaffed her, she was trapped! The monster grapped her, screaming with rage towards her.

Screaming for mercy the girl pleads
"No!Stop!Please!" The wicked cruel animal laughed at her. A balcony. She hadnt noticed it. But they came closer and closer. A window. As if she had said the thought out loud he threw her at the window!

The glass breaking, the girls heart stopped beating. Her whole life ahead of her. She screamed. Her hair flying everywhere. Glass jamming into her skin.

Pieces of glass, cutting her face. She fell."Ahhh," the girl could barely look at the monster. He could see the blood on her lips that made him thristy. He came toward her, she tried to stand.

She backed away from the horrible monster, she then fell backwards. Swoosh. . .swoosh. . .their was water. Black water. She then fell. The water was cold. So cold it felt like it was a thousand knives hitting her all at once!

She closed her eyes, thinking nothing but the pain.

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SecretGirl_197 said...
May 15, 2010 at 6:58 pm
Yes this probably needs work, however I do like it. I will try to work on some better things. I hope people post there comments and give me rates and feedback.
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