This Boat

October 8, 2007
A peaceful and calming boat ride for me could be a time for others to be nauseous.
Everyone’s faces damp with mist
Overhead flies a creamy white seagull.
I glance down to the deep marine.
Up and down, rocking our boat was the waves,
my hair flying behind me because of the gushing wind

My nose is pierced with water droplets carried by the wind.
This journey can be unpleasant for most because of them feeling nauseous
White foam filled waves,
pushing tranquil and cooling mist.
Fish swimming in the down under marine.
On the dock sits bothersome food stealing seagulls.

I do not like the seagulls.
I cannot hear the hushed voices of my family over the swirling waves.
Unnoticed creatures dive away from our boat, going lower and lower into the
I can see that people are nauseous,
but what helps them is the consoling mist
that splashes in one’s face as they look into the waves.

The confident waves,
a boisterous seagull,
pleasant dashing mist.
Fresh, firm against the bow of the boat is the wind.
Making people in the viewing quarters beneath me nauseous.
I can feel how unwinding this life must be in the underwater marine.

A fishy smell draws closer to us from the depth of the marine.
Carrying us wayward, the alarming waves.
Horrific for some that are nauseous,
a forgetful seagull.
Maddening and annoying wind.
My hair and clothes are almost sopping because of this mist.

I can’t help but think this ocean mist,
and this marine,
along with the voices carried in the wind,
are trying to remind me of being down in the waves,
of sitting in the sand and watching the seagulls,
Making others nauseous.

I have to just ignore the people that are nauseous and savor the mist.
Remember the seagulls, and scan the marine.
Photograph the waves, but always, always listen to the wind.

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