not ready for tomorrow

October 8, 2007
By Michael Elsea, Pelham, AL

I, myself am not ready for tomorrow.
All I care about in elementary school is recess.
I, myself, am happy, helpful, and playful;
I am a student learning and observing everything I can.
I, myself, want to learn about animals and dinosaurs.
My dream is to run through the forest as fast as a cheetah.

I, myself, believe I am taller than the trees,
Nature was a part of my life.
I, myself, am a mortal combat warrior
Jumping and fighting with an imagination as large as the pacific.
I, myself, want to play for the Atlanta Braves;
I am Chipper Jones, at least on Halloween.

I, myself, want to race motocross.
I am Richey Carmichael beating Bubba Stewart.
I, myself, have a concussion,
My head smashes the pavement as hard as a brick after going over the broken handlebars!
I, myself, am ready to get up and try again on my new bike.
I am ready to conquer the neighborhood!

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