School Years

October 8, 2007
By Nicole Underwood, Pelham, AL

My preschool years were loud and wild
I was just like any other child
I always climbed my favorite tree
And seemed to always skin my knee
I would also wear my pretty dress
Tea parties were always the best

The move to elementary school
Made me feel oh so cool
From learning how to read a book
In the cushy little reading nook
To racing fast to be in time
To be the leader of the lunch line

Then middle school at Riverchase
Man that was a scary place
Hurry fast to get to class
You sure don’t want to be the last
You finally make it to 8th grade
And think you’ve got it made

Then you move on to ninth grade
And realize the mistake you made
You learn the silly Pelham song
Which by the way took way too long
Senior year arrives so fast
You wish to sing that song at last

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