Believe me.

October 7, 2007
Believe me.
I guess I chose this path to take.
I didn’t make a right..
I didn’t try to see the sign
Didn’t watch the flashing lights.
I went right through that big red sign
That said to turn around.
Now hear I am crying tears
My life is upside down
Believe me if I could I'd change it all..
Believe me I wouldn't be the one to slip and fall
Believe me if I could go back.. I'd most definitely read those signs
Believe me if I could I would make it all go right.
I can.
Nothing is as impossible as it seems.
Nothing cant be captured to save us by all means
Nothing is so far away that you cant touch the light
Nothing is so rule hidden that it isn't worth the fight
Believe me,
I didn’t want to have this happen
Believe me..
But life doesn’t give you a map n'
Believe me.
The path I took said Caution and it was not doubt
I didn't read the signs and now I figured out
nothing is unchangeable.
Dark can turn to light
Just believe in your self.
Make it worth the fight

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