"Faith Will Get You There"

October 7, 2007
By Hannah Black, Galena, IL

I’m talkin’ to someone,
Is it God?
Or just crazy ‘ol’’ me.
I dunno’,
But I have faith I suppose,
And that will get me there.
I’ll never have to worry,
Because I know God is at my side.
Now and forever more.
Faith will get me there.
People may think I’m crazy,
Talking to myself relentlessly.
But I will know, that deep inside
God speaks
And I’m not insane.
Faith will get me there.
I ask you all to have faith,
in yourselves, your family, and God.
Because faith is something you have always by your side,
and yes, you guessed it, faith will get you there.
Faith is eternal,
As is love.
It guides you, helps you,
In times of need.
Faith will get you there.
Having faith is like a free card to God.
Faith gets you through to him,
Let’s you see his face.
Faith will get you there.
Finally, faith can be scary,
For fear of the Lord is involved.
But ‘tis okay, young child,
Faith will get you there.

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