The World Continues Slowly On

October 7, 2007
By Crystal Creel, Pelham, AL

Two feet, two arms, two eyes, two ears so much to discover so quickly.
Adolescence brings about many intriguing realizations.
Walls hurt, floors are harder than they look, stairs are treacherous, and just because Carol can fit in the dryer, doesn’t mean Carol should fit in the dryer.
Parents point out that we don’t always get our way, unless the grandparents are there to pay.
I bring up all of this to say,
Even though we sometimes stray
Everything will end up okay.

Bright, colorful posters line the walls filling every empty space.
Salty sweet tears roll down my cheeks,
It is the first day of kindergarten.
Maybe it won’t be so bad.
Red, yellow, blue, and orange crayons fill the tiny clear box that somehow holds everything that is important.
The only worry is when recess is and of course what mom packed for lunch.
The carefree boys and girls run along the playground laughing and screaming.
ABC’s are pounded into the open minds and multiplication and division are yet to be mastered.
Everyday provides a new experience.
The world continues slowly on.

Ring, ring, ring, the bells chime loudly;
New school, new sounds, new friends.
The minutes of the first day pass by as slowly as waiting for Christmas.
It’s different, it’s busier, it’s fun?
The days felt like years, yet the years felt like minutes.
Almost six years have passed.
Friends have come in, friends have gone out,
Some passions were renewed while others forgotten.
The world continues slowly on.

Memories are soon to be the only thing I have left…

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