As the Teacher Drones On and On

October 7, 2007
By Lucy Li, Acton, MA

The teacher drones on and on
My head losing the words
Losing the battle to understand
Gives in.
My mind soon wanders to that dream-like trance
The daze that has saved me from the one sickness
That’s impossible to cure,
A bored mind.
I let myself think of friends
My eyes glancing at them from across the room
Heads down
Clearly in focus.
I let myself think of inside jokes
Of funny incidents
A small playful smile
Creeping into my lips.
And soon a huge wave of memories flood me
The first day of school
The time I went to New York
The day I pushed my friend off a ski lift.
My brain trying to restore order
Trying to clean up the mess of words
Enjoying the moment
Until the memory of something unforgivable invades my thoughts.
Now wishing to have listened to the life-less words of my teacher
Instead of daydreaming into the sky.
But I lose the bad memory with all those happy ones
And my mind leaves it just the way it is
And moves on.
But a bell interrupts my trip from reality
My moment of relaxing
And I am soon out the door
Wishing to be back in that seat
Not to learn
But to think
Headed towards another class to daydream in
As the teacher drones on and on.

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