October 7, 2007
Dragged into the corner of a dim lit room
Swallowed by a colorless emotion
Exhumed from the deepest storms possessed by me
An endless spectrum of translucent words
Suffocating the breath of every ill blown breeze

I can’t thrash at frequent conceded under thought aggressions
Forcing out whirlwind causing exhales
Leaving everyone that comes in contact with me sterile
Drying their hope to a drought like state

Acting out thoughts of hate
Pushed upon the defenseless a mind rape
A slow decaying erosion eating me away
When I just wish I could f***ing break
From a past of overwhelming anger I no longer want to take

Insignificant forms of artificial light
Entrapping the bottomless mass of blue
Absorbing every gut-wrenched tackling sound
Morphed guilt is rising causing me to drown

Tired of devouring unattractive amounts of lies
Set up for me every night ready to be force fed
Unsettling at the least; surrounded by the core of chaos
Subjected to partial ever increasing expels of blood
Exhausted from never ending mucus covered discharge I give off

Indistinct fear of being removed to the light
Uncaged with the easily tamed
For I have no memory of anything right
I’ve taken an instigated swim in my own craven shame

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