October 6, 2007
why is the heart broken,
is it because words are unspoken?
is it because life goes by fast,
or because we forget the past?
is it because you feel when,
you've lost someone you lose yourself?
is it because what we really ment to say,
doesn't always come out the right way?
is it because we care so much,
and show so little?
is it because we love someone,
who doesn't love us back?
is it because our wish on a star,
never came true?
is it because we have so much stress,
that causes us to be down and depressed/
is it because we can not see,
what's really ment to be?
is it because the person we trusted,
betrayed us and turned their back?
is it because our dreams seem so real,
but when we wake up their gone?
is it because the love we thought would last,
drifted away so easy and fast?
is it because the only thing we have left,
are fading memories?
why is the heart broken,
is it because words are unspoken/

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denise15love said...
Apr. 29, 2011 at 9:27 pm
I love it! :)
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