happiness lives within

April 19, 2010
I first saw him in a photo
with tattered edges
and faded sun spots
he looked so tiny and fragile
his dark,dirt smudged skin clug to his bones
so tight they practically came out
behind him was his home
it didnt look like mine
it was small and made of straw
like in the story of the three pigs
a small gust of wind could smash it apart
but thats not what got me
it was the boy and the look apun his face
the biggest smile ive ever seen
it lit up his whole face
a kind of smile that made you happy inside
this i couldnt grasp
how could this boy be so happy
he had no toys or a safe place to play
he had no shoes or tasty food
and yet he looked like a kid who had just gotten a new bike
he was probaly no more than seven
by now he was all the way in heaven
but ill never forget
that old photo
and how a boy could smile so much
for having so little

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