what can i do

April 19, 2010
By , ann arbor, MI
what can i do
no one listens to me
not even you
i have no voice
i'm the conscience
you choose to ignore
i'm the star
you claim to adore
but i'm just an object
your grow and then sell gain
you take no thought to my pain
i'm just another title to claim
what can i do
i'm pushed aside
the one who pushes is
no other than you
i listen and bend to your will
you command i obey
and inside it kills
i can't truly be myself
no with you around
you'll grasp me
and place me upon on your shelf
to you i'n none other
than a prize
your very own show and tell
your obedient girl
who runs to you
when you ring the bell
what can i do
nothing at all
i speak air because of you
you've stolen my voice
and hidden it well
if i could talk
i'd no doubt
wish you to hell
for caging me in
never letting me be
but i'll get revenge
if not now
but now i wonder
what can i do
to take your voice away too

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