April 6, 2010
By , Gahanna, OH
A girl has been bullied by her peers;
This has happened all through her school years;
She has been called "stupid", "ugly", and "fat";
She always wanted to hit them with a bat;
But she followed the golden rule, "Treat other the way you want to be treated";
She always felt like wearing dark, depressing black;
On everything, she would slack;
Her peers said to her, "Your face looks funny";
She felt hurt and rejected;
She had been disrespected;
This poor girl really is short, skinny, and has long, blond hair;
She took everything hard and she did nothing but weep;
She couldn't sleep;
She couldn't sit still in her seat;
She sat in her seat nervously, fiddling with her fingers;
She would always be a quiet person;
She had always been made fun of;
She felt as if she was not well-liked or loved;
She really was desperate to have friends;
She wishes her relationships with people never ends;
This girl is trying to come out of her shell;
Anything that happened to her, she is willing to tell;
At first, she was afraid;
Her willingness to speak up for those who have been bullied, has been great;
Her life is out of fate;
She wants people to stop their hate;
Whether or not people like her now, is their debate;
This girl really does not care what people think about her now;
If she did, she'd have a cow;
Everyone knows not to mess with her, since her family is there to support;
If you don't like it, then show up at court!!

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