The door to be found

October 5, 2007
By Jordan Affeldt-Cruz, Ridgecrest, CA

So youre leaning there
on someone else
you are too scared to fall
too weak to stand on your own
too terrified to call
to call for help
Because that is what you really need
but it will take a lot for you to finally suceed
You changed in time and lost everything
and now you need someone
but No one is there
to help you out
they all left when you began to shout
shouting in anger because you felt
so much pain
you needed to let it out
but in a different way
you see a hole in the ground
below you
you dont know what will happen if you fall
if you will just hit another dead end
because the picture you broke will not mend
Your happiness is running out
you cant find a reasn to live anymore
but they all swear there will be another door
the door out of this mess
that you cannot seem to find
but one day, just one day
that door will appear
and you open it and feel no fear
The light, it comes and you walk into its gleaming rays
To fill happiness in the rest of your days
memories to be made
to cover up the dreadful ones
the darkness period is gone now
so go ahead and live your life
of happiness and happy tears
friends that will wipe your tears
you have many now becuase you are strong
you can fight for yourself
you can stand your ground
everthing is perfect
so safe, so sound

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