maybe its true

October 5, 2007
By Jordan Affeldt-Cruz, Ramona, CA

maybe its true
im not the same
but maybe its you
that has changed
you swear im your friend
till the end
but you have so many others now
must be so hard to keep count
im just another old friend
that you just forget
but maybe its true
i want to move on
to get away from you
and the whole rest of this crazy life
why dont you look into my eyes
and tell me goodbye
maybe its true
i have cried
so many times
and you werent there
do you even care?
becuase maybe its true
you said you loved me
like a sister
and its true youve hugged me
when i was down
but what happens now?
that you have gone
maybe its true
im walking away
but if you want me to i will stay
it is true
until the end
i will catch you when you fall
i will never forget to call
i will never let go comepletely
because as you were once
my best friend
but i miss you now
i miss those times
when we hung out
and all these lines
that im writing for you
they are all true
maybe its true
weve grown apart
we used to be together forever
but now its all gone
i will still love you until the very end
this frienship we can always mend
because i see you as my sister, my heroe
my bright side of life
and i still miss you
but now its all true

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